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The Hollywood Reporter

Taylor pryder omslaget på The Hollywood Reporter som precis släpptes i USA. Bilden är en helt ny bild från fotograferingen till Billboard Magazine. Det finns en video från intervjun där Taylor pratar om sina musikaliska val och ger tips till andra kvinnor som vill lyckas i musikbranchen.
"Everybody wanted me to be a cliché. And I wasn't going to let that happen"
It's easy to forget that when Taylor Swift announced in August that her fifth album, 1989, would leave her country roots behind to be a purely pop project, there were a lot of skeptics — as she might say, a lot of haters ready to hate, hate, hate. But that was four months ago.

The world's biggest pop star (who has a Twitter following of more than 48 million) has broken records since, with her album selling nearly 1.3 million copies during its first week — the biggest single-week number in 12 years — at a time when record sales are in dizzying free fall. Swift, 25, also became the first female artist to have back-to-back No. 1 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 ("Shake It Off" and "Blank Space"). And her risky decision not to stream 1989 on the world's fastest-growing service, Spotify, magnified the debate over fair royalties during the digital age.

"I didn't think that it would be shocking to anyone," says Swift. "With as many ways as artists are personalizing their musical distribution, it didn't occur to me that this would be anything that anyone would talk about. But I could never have expected so many text messages, emails and phone calls from other artists, writers and producers saying thank you."

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Taylor på omslaget av Girlfriend magazine

Taylor pryder omslaget på januarinumret av Girlfriend magazine. Fotot på omslaget är en bild från fotograferingen till 1989. Fotot är ett av mina personliga favoriter från fotograferingen till 1989.
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Taylor på omslaget av Billboard Magazine

Taylor pryder decemberomslaget av Billboard Magazine. Hon ser strålande vacker ut! Nedanför kan ni läsa artikeln samt se bilder och en video från fotograferingen.
Taylor Swift never doubted that her fifth album, 1989, would sell 1 million copies in its first week. But others were not so confident. "Everyone, in and out of the music business, kept telling me that my opinion and my viewpoint was naive and overly optimistic -- even my own label," says Swift, recalling the run-up to 1989's October release in the vast living room of her penthouse loft in downtown Manhattan. "But when we got those first-day numbers in, all of a sudden, I didn't look so naive anymore."

In fact, 1989 moved 1.29 million copies in its first week, the biggest seven-day sales of any release since 2002, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Swift, who turns 25 on Dec. 13, became the first artist to hit that 1 million-week milestone three times -- breaking a record not just for women or twentysomethings, but all musicians. It was an accomplishment that she engineered, maintaining worldwide ubiquity throughout 2014 with the European and Asian legs of her $150 million-earning Red Tour, a savvy and accessible social media presence, and tireless promotion, taking on everything from TV appearances to a role as New York's "global welcome ambassador." And as she made the leap from country to pop, her fans stuck by her, eager to follow an idol charting her own course.

Swift asserted her freedom and influence more than ever in 2014, including moving from Nashville to New York's chic Tribeca neighborhood and pulling her music from Spotify, which led to widespread debate over streaming and compensation for artists. She also revealed a burgeoning feminist consciousness, delivering an impassioned defense of actress Emma Watson's speech at the United Nations about gender equality and assembling a social circle of strong young women including Lorde, Karlie Kloss and Lena Dunham. "Taylor is like this force of protective energy," says Lorde. "She looks after everyone she knows. We're both interested and involved in the workings of the industry. I have this thing in my head that she should do seminars -- 'Swift's 13 Steps' or something."

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Taylor i Cleo Australia

Taylor pryder omslaget av CLEO Australias december nummer. Hon gav en exklusiv intervju om hennes vänner, feminism och hur man skakar av sig hatare. Vi kommer publicera intervjun så fort den finns tillgänglig.
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Scans från Lucky Magazine

Nu har det dykt upp scans från artikeln med Taylor från Lucky Magazine december/januari nummer.
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Taylor på omsalget av ASOS Magazine

 Taylor pryder omslaget av ASOS Magazine januari nummer. Nedan för kan ni se några bilder från fotograferingen med ASOS, samt läsa en kortare version av artikeln som släpps i sin helhet imorgon.

Taylor Swift has turned her fire on celebrities who she claims surround themselves with fake friends – and said she never dresses to impress men.

She said: “When I’m getting dressed, it’s always based on what my friends will think. They are my number one priority and the opinions of girls are more important to me at this point in my life.”

In an interview with ASOS magazine in which she shares her life lessons, she said: “My friends are the kind of people that have their own lives, and their own busy schedules, and that’s why we get along so well.
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Taylor pryder omslaget av Lucky

Taylor pryder omslaget på tidningen Luckys december/januari nummer. Nedanför finns ett utdrag ur artikeln som kommer att vara med i tidningen.

Over the course of her career, Taylor Swift has transformed from a teenage country crooner into an international pop-singing sensation. It wasn’t until the past couple of years, however, that Swift gained recognition as a fashion icon. Today, she’s got a style that’s all her own, from that wispy blonde bob to her signature cat eye and cherry red lips.

One thing that’s remained a constant source of speculation since last spring, though, is Taylor Swift’s belly button. While there is much mystery surrounding the status of Swift’s navel, the internet continues to wonder: Is it pierced? Is she secretly Kyle XY? Finally, the singer (and our December/January cover star!) finally has something to say about the matter in our upcoming issue!

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Scans från Time Magazine

Nedan för finns scans från artikeln i Time Magazine samt omslaget. Det är en lång men mycket läsvärd artikel, som nämner allt ifrån Taylor vänner till olika rekord som Taylor innehar till Max Martin och Shellback.
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Taylor på omsalget av Cosmopolitan South Africa

Taylor pryder omslaget på december numret av Cosmopolitan South Africa. Nedanför finns några scans från tidningen, däribland en artikel som är mycket läsvärd.
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Artikel från Wonderland Magazine

I samband med fotograferingen för Wonderland Magazin, intervjuades Taylor. Nedanför kan ni läsa delar av artikeln.

With a bold new synthpop sound and opinions on love, loss and martyrdom, country girl turned chart-stomping industrialist Taylor Swift is back. Just don’t mention Twitter trolls.

I don’t know about you, but Taylor Swift is feeling 24. If Tay at 22 was, as her slumber party anthem goes, “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time”, this year she’s clearer of mind: strong, sceptical, indie and willingly off the market. “RIP me!” she yawped recently to Graham Norton, and she wasn’t kidding. 1989, her fifth album released in late October, demands that you forget all you know about the Pennsylvanian. Early signs that she was out of love and liking it popped up on her Instagram feed six months ago. “There are far better things ahead than any we have left behind,” goes the CS Lewis quote she blogged. Then, in an interview with The Guardian in August, the country-pop crossover came clean. “[Having a relationship] isn’t really possible right now. It just doesn’t seem like a possibility in the near future. It doesn’t ever work.”

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Vill ni se några av bilderna från fotograferingen, finns de här.
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Taylor på omslaget av In Style Australia

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Taylor pryder omslaget av Times

Taylor intervjuades av amerikanska magasinet Times, som hon även pryder omslaget på. Hon pratade bland annat om 1989, The 1989 World Tour, kvinnliga förebilder och streamad musik.
The 24-year-old pop star spoke with TIME this fall as she readied for the release of her new album and again as she watched its record reception. 'Other women who are killing it should motivate you,' she says

To read all about Taylor Swift’s rise and significance, check out the feature story on the singer in this week’s magazine. But not everything could fit in the story, so here’s the rest of what Swift told TIME. The moment’s most successful recording artist has big theatrics planned for her 2015 tour. And she’s praying for an Iggy Azalea cameo. While she struggles to name a role model in the music industry, she finds herself looking up to Mariska Hargitay, the actress behind Olivia Benson, and Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, these days.Contessa, these days.
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Taylor på omslaget av Wonderland

Wow! Vi har aldrig sett Taylor så som vi får göra på omslaget av Wonderland. Vid första anblicken kunde jag inte förstå att det var hon på bilden, men nu fullkomligt älskar jag omslaget. Väldigt annorlunda att se henne i sådana ögonbryn, men satan va snyggt! Tycker det är himla roligt att hon vågar pröva något nytt, även om det bara är för en plåtning. Vad tycker ni? Gillar ni Taylors stil i den nya plåtningen?
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The Cosmo Quiz

Artikeln från Cosmopolitan UK kan ni läsa här, samt här finns fler bilder från photoshootet.
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Nya bilder från Cosmopolitan UK

Nu har ytligare ett par foton från Taylors photoshoot med Cosmopolitan UKdykt upp. Vill du se de andra fotona eller läsa artikeln, kan du göra det här.
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BTS: Harper's Bazaar Germany

I oktober publicerade vi ett inlägg med ett photoshoot samt en artikel från Harper's Bazaar Germany. Nyligen släpptes en behind the scenes video från photoshootet.
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Taylor på omslaget av Cosmopolitan UK

Taylor pryder omslaget på december nummret av Cosmopolitan UK. Nedan för finns några bilder från photoshootet samt en intervju.
Within five minutes of sitting down together Taylor Swift and I are ragingabout how annoying it is when people feel sorry for you for being single(it's not a disease, y'know!) "People will say, let me set you up with someone, and I'm just sitting there saying, 'That's not what I'm doing. I'm not lonely; I'm not looking.' I completely feel you on that, oh my god. They just don't get it," she says, speaking in exactly the same girl-code that sells millions of records.

See, no matter how many dollars Swifty makes or how super-model gorgeous she looks, she GETS you. Her success and looks maybe totally out of this world – have you seen her ethereal winter wonderland Cosmo covershoot - but she is most definitely a 'one of us' earthling.

A total girl's girl, she credits the adoration of her female peers partly to "that mental adjustment that happens when you grow up and figure out who you are," but also to her friend and feminist icon Lena Dunham - the creator of game-changing show Girls. "Her perspective has truly shaped me in the past couple of years. She is just so enthusiastic about life, about other women. She is like a hug in the form of a person."
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The Sunday Times intervju

I helgen prydde Taylor omslaget på The Sunday Times kulturbilaga, där det även fanns en intervju med Taylor.
She’s a savvy, goofy, multitalented pop star with good manners, a way with words and a tendency to write back — full of empathy — to fans who cry on her shoulder online. Who invites some of those fans over to her house for cookies, selfies and an album playback (the recent, gone-viral Secret Sessions). And who names her cats — which have their own Twitter accounts, for God’s sake — after characters in Grey’s Anatomy and Law & Order. Boring, right? We want scuttlebutt rumours, diva strops and post-watershed videos. Narcotics and naughtiness. Anything but nice. Because where does nice get you?

Quite far, as it happens. Taylor Swift is nice, in the same way that one of her best friends, Ed Sheeran, is nice. Like Sheeran, she writes diaristic songs that go over the heads of purse-lipped taste-makers and communicate directly with her disciples — songs, and albums, that have a habit of going to No 1 all around the world and staying there for a good while. This maddens some people. But it gladdens plenty more. Anyway, who’d be a Swift detractor these days? It’s just not worth it, not worth the aggro or the sheer predictable obviousness of being a sceptic — never mind the risk you run of being on the receiving end of The Look (smiling mouth and eyes, but a brain that is whirring almost audibly behind them).
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Magazine Scans

Det finns scans från Billboard Magazine med en ny intervju samt en recension av 1989, tidningen gav albumet 4/5 stjärnor och är mycket läsvärd. I artikeln finns även en ny bild vi inte sett tidigare. Taylor syns även till i det senaste numret av US Weekly där albumet fick 3,5/4 i betyg.
Billboard Magazine:
US Weekly:
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Esquire Magazine

Taylor är med i det senaste upplagan av tidningen Esquire. Det finns bilder från ett helt nytt photoshoot och en Q&A artikel värd att läsa. De pratar bland annat om countrymusik, hennes uppväxt och 1989. Här kan ni se skannbilder från tidningen!
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